Teejerker provides carefully curated vintage band and concert tshirts, for fans and collectors alike. Located in London UK, shipping worldwide.


Washing Instructions

  • Wash shirts on a cool / delicate cycle and use detergent sparingly
  • Add towels to buffer against machine drum
  • Turn printed shirts inside out when washing. Protect very delicate shirts by washing in a mesh lingerie bag
  • Let shirts air dry, do not use a dryer


To keep shirts from fading, store in the dark - store in a dry place at all times

To avoid stretching shirts, ideally keep folded, or on gripped hangers which mimic the shape of shoulders. 


Use a steamer or steam function on iron to relax any creases, holding 10 inches away from fabric.

Check seams for tears or loose stitches, repair any small holes with a needle and thread to avoid further damage.


The size of vintage T-shirts can change considerably through the years, with label sizes being way off modern sizing. Follow the steps below to find the right fit for you.

1. Take a shirt you’re comfortable with the fit of and lay it out flat

2. Measure from one armpit to the other, this is your pit to pit

3. Take the measurement from the back of the neck to the bottom of the shirt, this is your back to hem


Most people can move an inch either way and still be happy with a tee, keep these measurements in mind when browsing the store.


The condition of shirts has been captured within each listing.

With true vintage shirts some imperfections are inevitable, if you don't think that some fading, thinning cotton and the odd mark add to the character, then please do not purchase. We want to provide shirts to those who truly appreciate them, and not issue refunds unnecessarily.

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