Teejerker Goodhood Collaboration

The vintage band T-shirt holds a special place in cultural history. When art and music combine within a sub-culture you get a really cool shirt, but add to this years of love and wear, and you get something truly unique. This collection has been inspired by the level of curation evident in the best record stores, and aims to display a snapshot of tees from genre defining bands. From UK Shoegaze, US Punk and Alternative Rock, and the divergence of Metal from it’s British roots, each shirt tells it’s own story, with an aesthetic that lets us glimpse into years gone by. From paint splatters and bloodstains to pristine condition, it’s clear the band T-shirt serves many different functions over time. Some treasure them and some trash them, the latter being the reason for today’s scarcity of original copies. We’re in a time where the band T-shirt is being mass produced for the high street. Above all else, this highlights the significance of the originals. 

- Matt Sloane, Teejerker Owner & Curator 



To commemorate this special project, we have created two collaborative products. The first is a totally unique run of 'Pink Flag' Goodhood/Teejerker t-shirts, each printed on specially sourced vintage Made in America blank t-shirts. No two are the same. The second is a limited publication which features imagery of all the vintage band t-shirts in the exhibition plus a further 34 more Teejerker favourites that traverse Grunge, Norweigan Death Metal, Punk and much more.